Awnings come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll often see them covering a patio or outdoor area.

But did you know that awnings are an excellent way to add privacy and shade to the exterior of your home? Awnings, in general, serve different purposes and are best suited for different areas in the home. Knowing which ones are best suited for which area will go a long way to ensuring that your awning lasts a long time. 

Different Types of Awnings

Some awnings are permanent structures, some are movable, temporary structures, and some are somewhere in between.

  • Awnings that are attached to the side of a home or building that stay out permanently are called fixed awnings and come in a range of styles and materials. 
    Bahama Awning
  • Semi-permanent awnings also have different types and styles. You can have semi-permanent awnings that move in and out on their own with the push of a button. These are called folding arm awnings or retractable awnings. 
    Retractable Awning
  • There are also awnings that have fabric stretched over a frame which can be raised or lowered as required. 
    Fabric Awnings on Guide
  • The less permanent ones also include stand-alone awnings. They can help shade your backyard or any area that you are seeking to block out the environment be it the sun, or wind. These can be great for creating wind-shields or shaded seating areas in your backyard.

The difference between an awning and a window awning

Window awnings are just one type of awning that are used on the exterior of windows. The difference is that these awnings can also be made of different textures and materials that serve different purposes. There are some that hold up well to extreme weather conditions, shielding the window from the elements and help keep out the cold. As well as others that are made more to block out the sun and provide a little shade to the window.

Fabric Awning with Drop Arm


Some of them are made to be left out permanently. These are built with stronger, resilient materials while others are made to be closed-up and brought back in except when it is needed to be out.

As you can see, not all awnings, especially window awnings, are the same. Those shown above are only the beginning of the range available. If you are looking for awnings or any other type of window treatments call us at Complete Blinds. With years of experience, we can help you get the perfect awning for your environment and needs.